Barossa Wine: The Jewel Of The South

Australia is known around the world as a place that holds the most beautiful wine regions. One of the best Australia’s wine region is the Barossa wine region. If you really want to taste something special, then visit the Barossa wine region and taste Barossa wine. This popular wine place offers a numerous attractions, and it is considered as one of the most famous touristic destinations throughout Australia.

Whether you are looking for a perfect weekend getaway, an adventure or simply want to have a moment only for yourself, visit the Barossa wine region. There is no other place with such rich history, like this amazing wine region.

If you want to simply escape form the busy life you have and enjoy the “old-fashioned” way of living, Barossa is your one way destination. Not so long ago, life was simpler and people talked to each other and made things together instead of spending their time in front of their laptops. In Barossa, people still do the same things. They talk and laugh together, share long lunches and good stories.

Barossa Wines

Barossa is the place where you can enjoy the quiet country roads, landscape villages, taste Barossa wine and delicious food.

As the most popular wine region, the Barossa is recognized by international retailers, wine writers, consumers and judges. This is because Barossa has the longest unbroken lineage of grape growing and wine making families and is a home of the Australia's one-of-a-kind varietal style – Barossa Shiraz.

Nowadays, Barossa counts over 750 families that grow quality grapes and supply more than 170 wine companies. The Eden Valley Riesling and the Barossa Shiraz are the regional heroes along with Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Mataro, Semillon, Tawny and Viognier. They are the main “culprits” for the the Barossa's standing as one of the world's outstanding wine regions.

Although the Barossa's wine making tradition dates from 1840, the new generation experiments with new styles, but very often return to the old-fashioned ways and forgotten techniques. All of this contributes to a rich and unforgettable wine tasting experience for the visitors.

If possible, try to mix up your cellar door styles – combine some large established players, like Yalumba, Jacob's Creek, Wolf Blass and Penfolds with boutique operators like Whistler Wines, Pindarie and Gibson.

Visit one of the many cellar doors and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in which you can experience splendid wines and wine blends. With so much choice, you will have a hard time making your mind up.